Home Inspection Oakwood, GA

Stay Safe Inspections strives to help homeowners and buyers in the Oakwood, GA area ensure their houses do not contain any issues that could be unsafe or expensive to fix. Our team of top home inspectors analyze every portion of a home, from roof and exterior to wiring and plumbing. With top technology and certifications, Stay Safe will locate any issues your home may have and recommend timelines to address them.

Home Inspection

With industry-leading technology, experienced technicians and a 10-step inspection, you can buy your home knowing the exact condition and what issues you may need to address. Our detailed home examination includes exterior and roof with drone technology to quickly and safely view all areas of your home. We also examine the interior without any damage using thermal imaging to address areas like electrical, cooling and heating and plumbing. Don’t buy your next house without the help of the Safe Inspection team. Book your appointment today.

Radon Inspection

The only thing worse than damage to a home is danger to its residents. That’s why radon inspection is a pivotal part of the Stay Safe philosophy. Radon is a carcinogenic, radioactive gas that can occur in any home. Our radon tests are easy and quick and can help keep your family safe from this potentially present toxin. Be sure to add a radon test to your upcoming inspection or call us today to schedule one.

Mold Inspection

Not only can our team of expert technicians make sure your home is safe and structurally sound, we can also inspect your new property for mold. Mold is commonly found in houses, especially in humid environments like ours. While not all mold is dangerous, it is best to receive an expert inspection to determine what type of mold your home may have and the next potential steps to eliminate it. Schedule our quick and accurate mold inspection today.

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